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Suncoast Spinners Reverse Inclusion

Project Fact Sheet

In May 2017 Suncoast Spinners Wheelchair Basketball Inc. were successful recipients of an ILC National Readiness Grant ($81,124.00) from the National Disability Insurance Agency to deliver reverse inclusion workshops in schools and universities on the Sunshine Coast to raise awareness of inclusion of able-bodied players in sport that has traditionally been played by people with physical disability.


While a total of 39 projects have been funded across 36 organisations, Suncoast Spinners are the only Queensland based organisation to be funded in this national funding scheme.


The funding has been provided to build capacity to raise community awareness of the abilities of people with disability. This will be achieved by developing SCP capacity and ability to deliver three community services:

  1. large group presentations for schools, universities and community groups
  2. assessment of community facilities suitable for inclusive activities (both able and disabled)
  3. experimental workshops to foster inclusion (game on)

We aim to delivery real change to people with disabilities


Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) is all about inclusion of people with disability. It is about creating connections

between people with disability and their communities. One way the NDIA wants to help create those connections is through providing grants to organisations.


Project Managers: Sharon Hill, secretary of Suncoast Spinners;

Bridie Kean, Wheelchair Basketball Dual Paralympic medallist, USC researcher


Workshop leaders:

Steven Elliott – Bronze Medallist, U23 World Championships, USC student

Hannah Dodd – Australian Paralympian Equestrian (London 2012), current member of Australian women’s wheelchair basketball team, USC student

Ben Smith – Suncoast Spinners member

Brooke Molinero – Level 2 Wheelchair Basketball coach, USC student

James Hill – Level 2 Wheelchair Basketball coach, USC student

Contact details:


Facts about ‘Reverse Inclusion’ and the ‘Spinners Reverse Inclusion project’


The ILC is all about inclusion of people with a disability and creating connections between people with disability and their communities. The Suncoast Spinners has provided an inclusive pathway for sport for over 12 years and this project will only increase our capacity to continue to do so.


The project will involve 32 reverse inclusion activities, in Queensland. Activities will be conducted with school groups, university groups and community groups.


The Spinners support the inclusion of all, people with and without disabilities, to play wheelchair basketball. Reverse inclusion activities aims to increase the participation of wheelchair basketball around the coast as an all-inclusive sport for all.


Reverse inclusion is a totally inclusive sporting environment where everyone is on an equal sporting playing field. Many people with physical disabilities are restricted from participating in able-bodied team sports. In reverse inclusion, inclusion is created through enabling people to play sport together, regardless of whether they are a person with a disability or an able-bodied person. In this sense, the wheelchair is a piece of sporting equipment.


“Funded by the NDIS through the Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) – ILC National Readiness Grants”


Who are the Workshops For?

     schools students                                      university                                         community groups








Project Manager – Bridie Kean 

Bridie Kean is an Australian Wheelchair Basketball Paralympic dual medallist. She captained the Australian Gliders Wheelchair Basketball team to a Silver medal at the London 2012 Paralympic Games and was a member of the bronze medal winning in team in the Beijing 2008 Paralympic games. Throughout her international sporting career Bridie completed a Master of Public Health at the University of Queensland where she developed an interest in physical activity participation for people with disabilities. She is now undertaking a PhD at USC in health promotion and a research scholar Queensland Academy of Sport Centre of Excellence for Applied Sport Science Research. The aim of Bridie’s PhD research is to examine how Australian Universities can best provide support para-athletes undertaking dual pathways in sport and study.

Bridie is one of the project managers of the Suncoast Spinners Reverse Inclusion initiative. Bridie is passionate about increasing opportunities for people with disabilities to engage in sport and physical activity and considers reverse inclusion to achieve inclusive physical activity in schools. Bridie had both feet amputated after she contracted and survived Meningococcal at age 2. When Bridie was in school she was fiercely competitive and wanted to be engaged in all sports, however, her physical disability reduced her ability to participate in mainstream activities and she spent a lot of time watching from the sidelines. Wheelchair basketball provided her the opportunity to compete in a sport where it was all about ability, rather than being limited by disability.
While Bridie, and many others with physical disabilities, could not compete in mainstream physical activity classes at school, most students can jump in a wheelchair and play and that is what reverse inclusion is about. Bridie will present on the value and opportunities in reverse inclusion activities for increasing access to sport, physical activity and health for people with disabilities.

Workshop Locations

Sunshine Coast and greater region

Workshops Times

Workshops under this program will commence in the second half of 2017 through to end of June 2018.


Performance Reporting

The activity completion ends 30th June 2018. with grant schedule completion date 30 November 2018.

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