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Suncoast Spinners host a tournament in January each year which is recognised on the National Basketball Calendar. The tournament brings together athletes from around Australia and overseas in what is the premier showcase event for Wheelchair Basketball in the state of Queensland.


This three day event highlights the immense talent here on the Sunshine Coast. Spectators are welcome to come along and see this amazing sport, you will be memorized with the level of skill and talent on court. Competitors rang in age from 6 to 60 years of age. Yes 6! Three levels of competition from beginners to Australia’s Elite. 2018 will see the Australian Gliders in the premier grade competition as they prepare for the world championships in Germany later in the year.



January 12 – 14    2018

Caloundra Indoor Stadium, North Street.

Welcome to the Suncoast Spinners Wheelchair Basketball Tournament 2018.

The Suncoast Spinners Wheelchair Basketball Tournament has wrapped up for another year with many hotly-contested finals.

Feed the Heat (Brisbane) managed to claim top honours in the premier grade final after defeating Thundercats (Perth) 47-48.

That wasn’t the only tight finish in the competition, with Dream Team (Brisbane) winning A-grade 26-19 against the Thomoz Tomahawks.

Lismore took win in B-grade Grand final after a hotly contested game against the Suncoast Wheelies (A Suncoast Spinners Reverse Inclusion team) 18-17.

The competition featured plenty of national talent, including Australian Under 23 Spinners player Steven Elliott, who played for the Spinning Bullets.

His side finished the premier grade in third place and relished the challenge.

“I’ve been playing in the premier grade and we’ve got some of the Paralympians and up-and-comers who are hoping to go to worlds this year so it’s been crazy the amount of talent and some good games,” he said.

“This is probably one of the biggest tournaments in Australia.”

by , 15th Jan 2018 11:13 AM


Teams from Perth, Adelaide, Victoria, NSW and QLD competed in the largest tournament to date. 20 teams, 82 games over three days of action packed wheelchair basketball.

The Australian Gliders utilizing the event as a training camp in the lead up to the World Championships later this year.


“This event is proudly supported by Sunshine Coast Council and Visit Sunshine Coast”

Sunday 14th January


Results of Suncoast Spinners Tournament  2018
1st Feed the Heat – Dan Anstey; Kurt Thomaon; Matt McShane; Tom O’Neil-Thorne; Bridie Kean and Jeremy Synot
2nd Thundercats – Shuan Norris; Kayl Jeffery; Thomas McHugh; Laavale Faaeteete; Mark Utley; Michael Hartnet
3rd Bullets – Shannon Buxton; Tom Holland-Roach; Steven Elliott; Jake Fulwood and Nick RadovickAll Star 5   Matt McShane (Feed the Heat); Jason Holohan (Rockhampton); Shaun Norris (Thundercats); Shelley Chaplin (Gliders Green); Thomas McHugh (Thundercats)MVP   Shelley Chaplin (Gliders Green)A Grade
1st Dream Team – Joe Salu; Scott Wintle; Brant North; Dave Hegerty; Andrew Lewis
2nd Thomoz Tomahawks – Scott Boland; Matt Thompson; Blair Thompson; Ben Noonan; Ben Smith; Dave Kelly
3rd VWBA – Campbell Fraser; Bailey Jankovic; Patrick McKay; Teisha Shadwell; Liam Fitzgerald; James Weinert; Jim Lacey; Nathan WilburnAll Star 5   Ben Noonan (Thomoz Tomahawks); Corey Mostram (Toowoomba); Todd Anderson (Frenchville Rockwheelers); Teisha Shawell (VWBA); Scott Boland (Thomoz Tomahawks)MVP    Todd Anderson (Frenchville Rockwheelers)Encouragement Award Jasmine Mannign (Rolling Thunder White)B Grade
1st Lismore – Cody Baker-Alvos; Will Smith; Duane Gilmore; Jime Gilmore; Liam Flanagan; Aiden Flanagan
2nd Suncoast Wheelies – Callum Pettigrew; Will House; Lachlan Wood; Nate Jobson; Ben Blandford; Jarred Liddicoat; D’Mitri Hagicostas; Andreas Hagicostas
3rd Toowoomba Bushrangers – Diane Hetherington; Mel Hetherington; Dylan Barber; Curtis Barber; Adam Keeting; Justice TranquilleAll Star 5 Mitch Duncan (Suncoast Tornados); Duane Gilmore (Lismore); Jarred Liddicoat (Suncoast Wheelies); Jashar Keetly (Suncoast Tornados); Melissa Hetherington (Toowoomba Bushrangers)MVP Duane Gilmore (LismoreEncouragement Award Adam Keeting (Toowoomba Bushrangers)Face Plant Award Jay Dohnt (Adelaide Thunder)Mandy Fooks Best & Fairest Award Peter Arbuckle (Toowoomba Bushrangers)

Vic Renolds & Steve Wendell Memorial – Most Outstanding Team Award
Coffs Harbour





Record breaking number of paralympians lining up for local event

The continued growth of the Suncoast Spinners Wheelchair Basketball Tournament will saw a record number of Australian Paralympian and World Championship members compete at January’s event. Tournament organisers had 17 past and present elite players and coaches lining up to compete in January. The popularity of this event is largely due to the unique 3 grade competition, allowing members of Australia’s National team to compete against each other in what is regarded as a serious friendly tournament. Plenty of fierce competition along with mentoring and support of our future paralympians.

2017 saw the Sunshine Coast’s Premier Grade Team, the Suncoast Spinners Franchise successful in bringing home  gold.  Locals Ben Smith (NWBL), Jake Fulwood (NWBL) and Jeremy Synot (NWBL Coach, Assistant Coast Rio 2016) with the talents of  Dylan Childs (U23’s) Adam Deans WA (RIO 2016), Bailey Rowlands QLD (NWBL) and Tom O’Niel-Thorne completed the Franchise team.


The Suncoast Spinners B Grade team were successful in securing Bronze for the Sunshine Coast with locals club members aged between 6 and 20 making up the clubs junior team.






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