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Suncoast Spinners Wheelchair Basketball Inc. is a sporting club that offers services of wheelchair basketball to the Sunshine Coast and extended Gympie regions. We are a small club of which about 20 participate in a weekly program designed as a social competition as well as a means of competitive pathways for players who wish to develop their skills. Suncoast Spinners currently boasts three members selected in the 2016 QLD RSL Spinning Bullets National league team, two in the Australian men’s under 25’s development squad and one in the Australian women’s under 23’s development squad with two of our juniors in the QLD Junior team.

Suncoast Spinners display exceptional leadership and participation within the community by raising awareness in the community around wheelchair sports by providing demonstrations to local schools and community groups in a fun and educational way as a means of breaking down barriers and misconceptions around wheelchair sports. One of the biggest misconceptions is that only people permanently confined to a wheelchair can play wheelchair sports, this is not true, able body athletes contribute to our club providing continuity to the weekly sessions, support and friendship. These support members ensure the clubs ability to provide a regular program for people who are not able to attend regularly due to medical issues.


The past three years have seen a significant change in the clubs direction with council grants sort for marketing training and committee training to further reach out to the Sunshine Coast community to become self sufficient through finding ongoing sponsorship and building partnerships with community groups such as Suncare and the Caloundra RSL.

The short and long term benefits for the community through Suncoast Spinners are vast, personal success; pathway opportunities, friendship and support are all paramount in promoting welfare and wellbeing with in the Sunshine Coast community.

Our club motto is

“Sport and Support”.

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